Walkway mats

Tapis Rouge® safety walkway mats have reduced site injuries by up to 40%.

With the cost of construction related injuries heavily impacting both timeframes and budget, Tapis Rouge® walkway mats provide a genuine solution to reduce both.

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No. 1 in Europe

Tapis Rouge® is the original, and still number one supplier in Europe. We supply over 50km of walkway mats every month.

“To be seen from above is a significant leap forward in safety”

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Nothing comes close.

Tapis Rouge® combines extreme durability with maximum safety to ensure trade and work staff have a safe and comfortable working environment at all times, in all conditions.

Get with the program.

Tapis Rouge® is completely movable, which allows for walkway zones to move with the construction program.

Professional image is everything.

Presenting a clean and organised worksite speaks a thousand words. Tapis Rouge® provides complete customisation.

Get what you want.

Tapis Rouge® provides a range of standard colours as well as special colours on request. Additionally, we can print your logo on the mats.

Use it everywhere.

Tapis Rouge® produces two main systems that create the perfect option for every site application.

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TRTB-2 - Prepared ground

A genuine improvement for site safety.

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TRTP-25 - Unprepared ground

Perfect walkway for all conditions and surfaces.

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