TRRM-P2 Construction mask

Certified mask
Man wearing respiratory mask

The TRRM-P2 Respiratory mask is ideal for all day protection against solid and liquid particles that may be derived from construction site work. Moreover, the TRRM-P2 is certified for EU standard FFP2 and is recommended for protection against COVID-19.

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In a nutshell.


filtering efficiency


total inward leakage


breathing construction


dimensional design




sonic welding for no irritation to the skin


elastic nose strip and ear lanyards

TRRM-P2 Respiratory Mask
Respiratory Mask Fabric Breakdown

More than meets the eye.

✓ High quality non-woven spunbond fibre which creates effective isolation away from harmful substances.

✓ Thickened elastrostatic absorption melt-blown filtering fibre. A powerful protection against both oily and non-oily particles.

✓ Ultrafine fibre melt-blown filtering layer which provides low respiratory resistance.

✓ Soft non-woven spunbond fibre that is moisture resistant and comfortable to wear.

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When quality matters.

The TRRM-P2 respiratory mask has been extensively tested and certified specific to the European standards. It is suitable for protection against dust and particles commonly attributed to construction work and high people flow.

Our TRRM-p2 mask is also effective for general protection against communicable diseases. It is recommended for use with the current COVID-19. However, care should be taken throughout usage, including fitting and removal to ensure adequate protection is maintained.

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